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Tips for Surviving a Move as a Teen, By a Teen

Updated: Aug 27, 2022

  1. Stay in touch - Staying in touch is key when it comes to moving. Thankfully because of social media, it is easier than ever to communicate with people. Although you may not live in the same city anymore, good friends will always be willing to talk no matter where you are.

  2. Get to know your new city - It is really hard to stay positive about a change if you don't know what you're in for. Getting to know where you're living is not only important, but pretty fun. One of my favorite things I did while visiting my new city was envisioning my life there. Finding cool spots throughout town can give you things to look forward to while in the stressful process of moving.

  3. Connect with people - Connecting with other people in your area prior to moving is a great way to get you assimilated. There are lots of online groups that are full of people in your exact situation that you can connect with (such as my blog!). Knowing someone to talk to or get suggestions can make all the difference when making a move.

  4. Decorate your room - This one may sound like a weird one, but decorating my room in my new house has really made me more comfortable in my new city. Adding fun knick knacks, displaying keepsakes, or even painting your room can help it feel more unique to you.

  5. Celebrate milestones - Sometimes something to look forward to can really keep you going. Maybe it's your first day at your new school, or you've been six months in your new house? It's worth celebrating! New adventures may seem scary at first, but they often lead to some of the most enjoyable experiences.

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