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Day 86

Decided to write something that reminded me of sleepaway camp (loosely based on something that happened to one of my camp friends)...

As soon as I decided to look over, he was gone and already halfway back down the steep pathway. For some reason, I didn’t bother calling after him. A couple of minutes passed and I went down the pathway, the light from the sun started to dim as we were approaching the end of the afternoon. My skin went from a tomato red to more of a blush color. Dinner that night was awkward, especially since I sat right across from him, forced to look him in the face every so often. The food at camp had never been amazing, mostly consisting of hamburgers and soups with assorted vegetables, but no one seemed to care about dinner. After all, after dinner was The Bonfire Games, which was an activity where campers, and even counselors, competed against each other.

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