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Day 70

I am quite sick right now (I had to leave school early today) so I'm not exactly in a writing mood. I've spent the past hour watching Gilmore Girls, my favorite show to watch during the fall. I used to be really into zodiac signs so I still know a bit about them. So for today, here's what I think the sun, moon, and rising sign of the Gilmore Girls characters are.

Rory Gilmore - Libra sun, Pisces moon, Virgo rising

Lorelai Gilmore - Taurus sun, Leo moon, Saggitarius rising

Emily Gilmore - Capricorn sun, Virgo moon, Taurus rising

Richard Gilmore - Virgo sun, Capricorn moon, Libra Rising

Paris Geller - Virgo sun, Scorpio moon, Aries Rising

Dean Forester - Taurus sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn rising

Jess Mariano - Scorpio sun, Aries moon, Aquarius rising

Sookie St. James - Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Pisces rising

Luke Danes - Scorpio sun, Cancer moon, Capricorn rising

Lane Kim - Gemini sun, Sagittarius moon, Aquarius rising

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