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Day 552

Continuation of my essay from yesterday (about different pieces)...

The first work is And There’s Nothing to Be Done by Goya from 1810-1823 made out of etching, drypoint, burin, and burnishing from the Spanish Romanticism period. The second work is Liberty Leading the People by Delacroix from 1830 CE in the French Romanticism period made out of oil on canvas. Both works depict historical events, yet in very different manners. For example, Liberty Leading the People uses distinct colors (Delacroix was known as a colorist) and vivid imagery to show the Revolution of 1830. Liberty is shown wearing a Phrygian cap, which was used as a symbol of freedom after slaves were given them to be worn after they were freed. In the time of the Enlightenment and French Revolution, there was a common attitude of taking matters into the common people’s hands, as seen by this work of art.

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