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Day 550

Updated: Mar 5

Part of an essay i'm writing for my AP Art History class...

The first work is The Swing by Fragonard, made in 1767 CE during the French Rococo period out of oil on canvas. The second work is Oath of Horatii by David, made in 1884 CE in the neoclassical style out of oil on canvas. The artist on the right is rebelling against the Rococo style by not showing as frivolous of subject matter in his painting, instead of painting an aristocrat, he chose to depict a scene from Roman history. The Rococo style is known for portraying the rich in dynamic and beautiful scenery, with no intention of appealing to common folk. The Swing uses bright colors and delicate features to appeal to the Rococo ideals of beauty and opulence, meanwhile The Oath of Horatii uses a more muted palette to show the more serious nature of the art piece. The Swing is purposely playful and easy to look at, while The Oath of Horatii could be interpreted as more intellectual.

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