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Day 549

One piece of advice that I’d give to my younger self is that “you’re better at things than you think you are”. I grew up in a pretty competitive environment in general. I was always encouraged to get the best grade and be the best dancer all with a smile on my face. Many of my friends were incredibly bright and although I was smart, I still definitely had to try hard in my classes to succeed. When it came to dance especially, I went to an extremely competitive studio and while I have always been a good dancer, I was never #1. Because I grew up in such a competitive environment, I never thought I was good at anything. A lack of self-confidence started as young as elementary school and still appears in my life to this day. I still find myself in doubt of my abilities and decision making, not trusting myself enough to make an informed decision. It would have changed my journey because if I had realized sooner that I was actually talented, it would have completely changed my internal view of myself, even up to this day.

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