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Day 545

Continuation of an Oscars opinion piece I wrote a few days ago...

Lily Gladstone and Joy Da’Vine Randolph are expected to win their respective categories for their performances in Killers of the Flower Moon and The Holdovers. Both women, who have never been nominated before, gave particularly emotionally impactful performances in their respective films. Gladstone has already won a SAG Award and Randolph won a BAFTA, which are both considered “pre-requisites” to the Oscars.

International films are especially prevalent this year, with films such as The Zone of Interest and Anatomy of a Fall nominated for Best Picture as well as other awards. Some notably snubbed films from the award show entirely include Wes Anderson’s Asteroid City and Sean Durkin’s The Iron Claw. While very different stylistically, both movies packed an emotional punch and did relatively well in the box office, yet have found little success this awards season, despite particularly well-known casts. 

I would argue that this year has been one of the most competitive Oscars seasons in recent memory. Overall, there is an interesting dichotomy when it comes to factors of the nominees; the old favorites and the up-and-comers, the blockbusters and the indie films, and the well-known and the underground. Who knows what the 2024 Oscars will have in store, and I cannot wait to find out.

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