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Day 535

I decided to start rereading The Age of Innocence, so here is a rewritten intro to an essay about the book from the beginning of my senior year...

In Wharton’s The Age of Innocence, Archer is entranced by Madame Olenska’s character, ingenuity, and most importantly, her soul. As Edith Wharton once suggested, there is no better way to physically see those traits in someone than through their home. Prior to meeting Ellen, Archer is a stereotypical high class bachelor, set on marrying into money and status. However, by stepping into Ellen’s house, Archer sees with his own eyes how different she is from other women, such as May Welland. Using foreshadowing and careful selection of detail, Wharton conveys Archer’s time in Madame Olenska’s charming home as the start of what will become their romance, a true event in the history of his soul.

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