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Day 497

I started to dream about the day when my sister could join me on stage at a dance recital and we could share the spotlight together. Sharing a ball with her didn’t sound too bad either, and that way we could pass it back and forth to each other out in the backyard. I thought about sharing a bowl of ice cream with her, once she grew teeth, and floating around in our tranquil pool for hours. I started sharing with her my hopes for her in the future and how I imagined she’d be when she’d grow up and how close we’d eventually be. Near the end of the school year I came to the realization that gaining a new family member can have a rocky start, but that eventually it’d be the best adventure and I’d be thrilled that it happened. Sharing with my brother and my sister became one of my favorite parts of life because it meant that I got to do everything with them. Being the oldest is not always fun nor easy, but I was happy to make the trade off. Sharing my time, my experiences, my thoughts, and my joy with my sister became effortless.

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