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Day 496

My mom and I were on our last day in Amsterdam last summer when we randomly decided to go to a local sushi restaurant for dinner. There were at least twenty people sitting at a long table, all of us shoulder to shoulder with each other. We were sitting next to a young couple at the table that spanned almost the entire restaurant. I heard them talking about a park that we had also biked through earlier that day, and since we were sitting so close, I decided to join in on the conversation. We proceeded to talk about our travels and our lives back home for two hours, laughing and enjoying sushi together. Right as my mom and I were getting up to leave, the man at the table said, “I hope one day that we have a daughter that is exactly like you”. The compliment sticks out in my mind because of how personal it is, and how meaningful it is coming from someone who was a stranger just a few hours before. For the rest of the trip I looked back on that night fondly, and I’ll always remember the fun we had over sushi.

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