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Day 495

If given the opportunity to choose a fictional character as my mentor, my ideal choice would undoubtedly be Jo March from "Little Women." Jo's abundance of self-confidence and adventurous spirit make her an exceptional candidate to guide and inspire me to take on the world. I believe that by embracing Jo's spontaneity and unwavering self-assurance, I could foster those qualities within myself and expand beyond my comfort zone. Often, I find myself relying on the opinions of others to make even the most basic decisions, so I would greatly appreciate Jo's wisdom on decisiveness, particularly her bold rejection of her lifelong friend Laurie's proposal. Also, as someone who struggles with a fear of regret, Jo’s experience of regret in the years following the proposal rings true with me in a different way. Wanting something so bad that she’s willing to go against her own heart for it was fascinating to read about, and I’d appreciate having a mentor who was not completely void of any flaws. While Jo, like any person, is imperfect and can make rash decisions, her resilience in the face of tragedy and challenges within her family makes her a grounded woman from who I could learn so much about life from.

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