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Day 489

There is nothing like sitting in a busy newsroom on a Saturday morning. With a box of donuts by the door, a tray of coffees, and a printer working at double the speed it is supposed to, we work at a speed that rivals lightning. As a section editor, I am tasked with the trial of editing all of the Arts and Entertainment articles, proofreading them, formatting them, and sending them to print in a matter of hours. The workroom functions as its own ecosystem, everyone balancing on one another to keep everything in tow. 

I have always deeply enjoyed the art of writing, but it wasn’t until I started at Logos when I really appreciated the line between literature and real life. There is art to reporting on stories, yet what makes it so impactful is that it requires truth. Such beautiful words can be used to write about the most tragic of stories. The greatest lesson I have learned as A & E editor is that words do not matter until the real world gives them meaning.

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