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Day 477

I was thinking to myself today about the benefits of technology. Wherever I go, for better or worse, my trusty laptop is with me. Whether I’m at school or at home, my laptop is right by my side. Being a senior in high school and taking a myriad of AP and Honors courses, I am often overrun with homework. I have become accustomed to submitting assignments, creating online study guides, and communicating with my teachers via technology. An underrated skill that students are learning from schools these days is how to properly use technology. I am arguably more savvy when it comes to tech than my parents, just because I am so used to using it to further my education. I love taking online college courses and watching videos on interesting topics in my free time. Using technology is extremely helpful when I am studying for a French quiz or writing a speech for a school function. I recently made a video presentation that was shown to the entire school, only made possible by my knowledge of projectors and computers. The world is changing rapidly, and although I don’t know exactly what my future holds, I believe that being knowledgeable about technology will continue to be an invaluable skill.

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