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Day 459

Last part...

One of the highlights of my competitive dance career was when I went to Montreal, Canada to compete. This time I wasn’t traveling with the rest of my team, rather, it was just my mom and I making the trip north. I had been working incredibly hard on my solo, a contemporary piece with a beautiful blue costume. I went on stage and I put on my best performance of my entire season. When awards came along a few hours later, I waited for my name to be called. To my shock, I had received first place overall and a Judge’s pick award. When the judge stood up to speak about why she chose me, she started talking in French, rounding out my international experience.

Competitive dance has taken me on too many adventures to count. Whether it was traveling internationally, long days at the studio, or spending time with my teammates, my childhood was marked by my involvement in competitive dance. Although many don’t consider dance to be an athletic endeavor or look down on it as an art form, competitive dance involves athleticism, companionship, and most importantly courage that is hard to find anywhere else.

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