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Day 448

I’m sure many of you have watched shows like Dance Moms, tried to replicate viral TIk Tok dances, or have attended a dance recital or two. All of these things are pieces of what makes up the greater world of competitive dance, a world I happen to be quite familiar with.

When I was two years old, I attended my first dance class at a local rec center. Being that most two year olds have no agency over their bodies, it was mostly for moms to dress their kids up in a big tutus and watch them run around for an hour.

However, these once a week classes quickly turned into twice a week, three times a week, and as I got older quickly became my whole life. As soon as I got more serious about it, my parents decided to put me on a competition team.

Dance competitions are no small event. They require a ton of space, often taking up three or four ballrooms meant for holding upwards of 500 people each. Each competition circuit makes stops around the country, or go on tour so to speak, holding events all over the country. There are typically a number of studios that attend each city, registering 10, 20, or 30 dances of varying genres and sizes.

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