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Day 443

What is something that I know is true?

One thing I know is true is that my name is Sophie. This may seem like a mundane fact or boringly obvious, but I know it to be certain. Names are an invention that humans came up with to identify each other, and everyone has a name one way or another. I know that my name is my name because I've been called it my whole life and it is on my birth certificate. There is no other alternative name that I've ever been called by and when people say Sophie, they know they are referring to me. Although I have a few nicknames from family and friends, they all know that my real first name is Sophie. It is also true that my last name is Landry. My entire family's last name is Landry, and it has been a last name that has been passed down for generations. There is nothing that could up for debate about it in my mind. My name is either Sophie Landry or it is not, and I know that it is. Names of people are true because we came up with them and they've always been used for us, so there is not really a debate of whether your name is yours or not.

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