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Day 437

Rewrite of a report I did about the Rat Pack of the 80s...

Yet with great power comes great responsibility, and this was quite apparent in this group of young actors. What generated the nickname originally was an encounter at the Hard Rock Cafe with the stars Emilio Estevez, Judd Nelson, and Rob Lowe. They were described as being womanizers and entitled due to their recent fame and success. Although no one else of the cast was there, Blum went on to describe a whole slew of actors their age as the Brat Pack. Not only did the media hound the cast, but Hughes, the director, often found himself at the mercy of the press, leading him to essentially become a recluse. Yet when Hughes was asked of his disappearance, he responded with, “I haven’t disappeared, I’m standing right here. I’m just not in Los Angeles” (pg.305).

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