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Day 43

Hi there, sorry I missed a day yesterday, my internet went down just as I was trying to post. I'll try to make today's entry as great as possible to make up for it.

I saw a Tik Tok about the baseball team The Savannah Bananas today and their concept fascinates me. The idea of a "fans first" model was not something I have heard much about in sports. My writing for the day is about their team, specifically pertaining to their usage of dance during games.

I have spent much of my life in front of a crowd as a competitive dancer. Most of my first memories were on a tall stage with blaring stage lights, as I did high kicks in a glittery costume. I find that I enjoy dancing more in less traditional settings, other than big stuffy ballrooms or convention centers. My little sister and I bond over making routines in the backyard or in department stores, simply enjoying ourselves. As my sister has entered the realm of competitive dance as I did, I think I have come to appreciate groups like the Savannah Bananas more. Dance is used as a mode of self-expression for many, but unfortunately, I would argue that a lot of the fun has been sucked out of it through competitions. The Savannah Bananas are the epitome of what I think dance should accomplish, which is to spread joy. Infusing an art form such as dance into an occasionally dull sport has the capability holds the attention of the audience better, as well as give dancers opportunities to share their craft. I wish there were more organizations like the Savannah Bananas that embrace dance in a lively environment away from judgment, just for plain fun.

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