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Day 417

Updated: Oct 16, 2023

Writing this past midnight but I still wanted to post!

There’s been a different kind of entertainment news lately. Not the kind of usual pop culture gossip the masses are used to, but instead the people behind all of the screen are coming to the forefront: the writers. After years of contention and complaints of being undervalued, the WGA started its strike at the start of the summer, which has finally come to an end.

The WGA entered negotiation with executives from media conglomerates like Apple, Prime, and Netflix, demanding to be heard. Not only was the WGA on strike, but SAG-AFTRA continued its strike as negotiations were just halted. Their main concerns had to do with one of the most controversial recent topics of discussion: Artificial Intelligence. WGA is left in the balance when it comes to if Hollywood will adopt AI or not.

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