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Day 404

I love to read the New York Times and respond to the articles. Here is my response to an article about Chat GPT in the college application process...

To be frank, Chat GPT should absolutely not be used for college essays. I am sure that my opinion of being anti-Chat GPT for nearly everything is not uncommon, but I feel as if I have a unique look into how this could really affect the college process as I am going through it myself. As I have come to understand it, the purpose of college essays is to write about yourself in a way that is true to yourself. Although I want to put my best foot forward in my writing, I personally wouldn't see a point to using Chat GPT because it takes away from my own experience. Chat GPT is capable of writing any old college essay, although spell checked and grammatically flawless, likely lacking any sort of real substance. I do think that AI can be extremely powerful, but I also believe that my human experience is more than enough to the college writing process, far more powerful than anything a computer can generate.


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