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Day 397

A line out the door slithers down the block like a snake, winding between newsstands and pedestrians walking mindlessly with phone sin hand. The sign with a big cake on it glares in neon hues as far as the eye can see. We wait in anticipation, smelling the light smell of sugar in the air. As I wait, I'm tempted to leave my mom behind, for just a moment, and go out into the city to explore. Yet I wait, stuck in what seems to be a neverending line for another moment. All of a sudden we are jolted forward into the bakery to be greeted by rows of colorful treats under hazy glass. I spot a red velvet cupcake at the end of the line and my mind is made up. We pay for the cupcake and I walk out with a smile. We walk into the dark Massachusetts night and disappear under the street light.

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