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Day 382

Rewritten segment of an AP Lit essay...

Wharton’s meticulous selection of words fully exposes how important Archer’s visit to Ellen’s house is in their relationship. When first describing walking up to her house the street is “quiet” (Wharton, page 33), portraying how Ellen lives secluded, away from the loud noise of high society and their expectations. It later goes on to confirm that Ellen has chosen the location because of its tranquility and detachment. The passage subtly hints at the beginning of the pairs’ love affair when Archer is described as seeing someone “parting the curtains he looked out into the early dusk” (Wharton, page 33). The curtains open to reveal dusk, a faint light, signaling the start of their romance, and in contrast, at the end of the novel, Archer is described as seeing Madame Olenska’s shutters close for the final time in Paris.

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