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Day 374

Rewritten segment from an AP Lit essay...

All of the events of both books play out from a male perspective, Daisy Miller through Winterbourne and The Age of Innocence through Archer. Unlike the books, “In Mind” isn’t narrated from a male or female perspective, rather reflecting the opinions of society. Both The Age of Innocence and Daisy Miller revolve around women getting courted, likely because the books were written in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Women like Ellen or Daisy likely would have been cast out of high European society at the time they were alive, due to Ellen being a divorcee and Daisy being a tasteless, socially unaware American. Wharton and James decided to put them at the forefront of their novels, and not only that, but underlyingly call out the very institution that calls them crass using the male gaze.

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