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Day 373

A show bible from my TV Script writing class that I just wrote...

Title: Shifts

Overall Description: In the late 2000s, six teenagers all work at a failing mall, Paradise Park Mall, using their time there to get into fun shenanigans and get closer to each other in the process.

Main Characters:

  • - Anna Lovett - starts off as a suck up who only cares about the rules to a more confident and mindful person

  • Will Davies - Starts off as sort of introverted and cocky, ends up being humble and an all around good friend

  • Dakota Marino - Starts the series as witty and full of herself, ends the series as a more mature person, but always has the same essence

  • Tyler Almasi - Starts as a quirky and naive boy, but ends as a more confident and happy person

  • Joey Johnson - Starts off as sporty and immature but ends up being more mature without losing himself

  • Brooke Baldwin - Starts off as disconnected and not wanting to be apart of the group, but ends up being happy as part of the group

  • Episode 1: "Pilot"

    • Introduce The whole group

    • Introduction to how the mall may close and each of the individual stores they work at

    • Set up the central theme of the series

  • Episode 2: "Trouble in Paradise Park"

    • Brooke is introduced, big deal because she’s from the rival high school

    • Anna faces a moral dilemma when she thinks she catches Tyler stealing (he really didn’t which sets up a whodunnit scenario)

  • Episode 3: "Unexpected Allies"

    • WIll and Brooke hit it off, rest of group remains skeptical

    • Dakota faces an artistic block when working on a mural for the mall

    • Joey discovers a hidden talent

Season Finale: "Showdown"

  • A mall fundraiser goes terribly wrong, leaving the gang to be the ones who determine if the mall closes or not

  • Brooke ponders quitting her job as conflict ensues

  • Shockingly, Tyler quits in a fit of rage and announces that he’s also transferring to the rival high school, Brooke’s school.

  • Anna makes a difficult choice, side with Will or Dakota as tensions rise

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