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Day 365

Happy 1 year!!!

Rewrite from this summer --

Recipe for a successful UVA portfolio:

  1. Try to very intently choose the work that you include in your portfolio. Set out to assemble work that feels true to your writing style and presents your writing well.

  2. Choose to make a few minor revisions, such as word choice, on a few of the exercises, but for the most part decide to keep in what was originally submitted, because although at times there may have been a better format I could use, I wanted the work to feel as true to myself as possible, and sometimes revision has the ability to take some of the personality out of the dish.

  3. Make sure to revise at least one of the reading responses (I chose Reading Response 3, but whichever one you choose will still work for the recipe)

  4. Add one Reading Response 1 and mix it in because it felt like a personal story to you that really achieved the imitation of Joan Didion.

  5. Add one Jargon exercise because it adds something that you really love in your personal life to your portfolio. I wrote this assignment very passionately. For example, for me that is theater, but really anything can work and not affect the consistency. I felt very pleased with this ingredient when I first wrote it, so I decided to include it.

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