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Day 36

A continuation of my revision...

I had spent most of my childhood thinking I would be one of two kids, at least that was what my parents told me. I was beyond excited to learn when I was six years old that a baby girl would be joining our family at the end of the summer. The summer felt like it had been dragged on forever, spending the hazy humid nights fantasizing about her arrival. Finally, August 1st arrived. My hands felt clammy as I waited on the couch impatiently for my parents to enter the door. My godmother stayed up with my brother and I practically stayed up all night, rubbing our eyes dry with exhaustion. The tan couch, stained with apple juice and animal crackers, supported us through the night. I wore pajamas with a purple cheetah print, my favorites, hoping my sister would somehow remember them as the first outfit she saw me in.


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