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Day 345

Needed a quick academic writing break, so here's a random tv show idea!

I was thinking that I could write a series based around group of high schoolers working at the rundown local mall. I was thinking it could take place in the late 2000s/early 2010s (when malls were generally more popular). The mall would constantly be on the verge of closing because of poor management, with the mall manager being sort of a villain type. All of the main high school aged characters would work at separate stores while all hanging out together throughout the mall, sometimes leaving and exploring their small town. Some of the main characters would go to the same school, while some go to the rival high school across town, creating tons of tension, some of the main characters refusing to even interact with each other at the beginning of the series before eventually bonding. There would be tons of shenanigans for the characters to get into because they don't have to focus on customers since it's relatively empty. I was thinking there could be a mall fundraiser episode, talent show episode, intense high school football style episode, blackout at the mall episode etc. There would also be some older characters working at the mall (probably in their 20s/30s but some maybe even in their 80s), serving as a mentor type to the group or possibly comic relief. Despite the seemingly common setting, the crew would get into crazy adventures together, creating lifelong friendships int he process. The show would be an ensemble style, not entirely focusing on one character.

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