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Day 336

It's my birthday!!!

Rewrite (News story format):

New student at a local school attempted to reach out to a number of her future classmates. After receiving some phone numbers from a friend from another school, Sophie attempted to connect with a couple girls so that they could get to know each other over the summer. Over the course of a week, she drafted and redrafted the individual messages in order to make sure they were perfect for sending. She stewed for hours over her word choice and tone, but eventually she decided it was time to send the texts. Apprehensively, she sent off each text one by one, holding her breath for each response. Instead of endlessly waiting for them to get back to her, she decided to go on a walk with her dog Theo to take her mind off of it. It was a pleasant, sunny day in Nashville, Tennessee, so the walk was a lovely way to clear her head. When she returned with the dog, she decided it was time to check her messages. She held her breath once again, and unlocked her phone vigorously. When she opened it, she found that numerous people had responded back to her, all with friendly message

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