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Day 33

She sat down next to my brother and placed him on her lap without a word. She gently rocked him with quiet joy, singing sweet songs softly in his ear. The summer heat made the house stuffy, even in the early morning, regardless of how much we turned up the air conditioning. My eyes began to sting due to sweat dripping down my forehead and onto my silk pajamas. Everything had a soft golden glow while the sun began to rise and wake the birds, leaving them to chirp for the rest of the day. Regardless of my discomfort, I felt at peace as I enjoyed the morning with two of my favorite people. All felt still in the room and in my heart before a loud chime was heard from the front door. My brother jumped up from his place on her lap, grabbed my hand, and rushed us to the door. As we opened the door, the small carrier holding our precious bundle of joy was all we could focus on. Our new sister was finally here.

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