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Day 322

"You know" format...

Well, I, you know, didn’t know anyone going into my junior year at a new school, so I, you know, asked my friend if she knew anyone at my new school. She, you know, sent over some of the phone numbers of, you know, some of my future classmates. So I, you know, started thinking about what I wanted to say and I, you know, had a hard time committing to sending them a message. I, you know, thought about what to say for a couple of days and decided on what, you know, exact words to use. Once I decided what to say, I, you know, sent out all of the messages quickly all at once. I was, you know, super nervous that they all would, you know, not respond well. To keep myself distracted, you know, I took my dog Theo, you know, on a walk outside since it was, you know, a beautiful summer day. We, you know, walked for a while before, you know, coming inside to escape the heat. I left Theo downstairs and, you know, went upstairs to check my, you know, phone. I had, you know, left it under the covers to keep myself from, you know, checking it all the time. I, you know, went to my bed and, you know, picked it up. I, you know, took a second before checking my, you know, screen and then I, you know, turned it on. The light, you know, flashed in my eyes, but I, you know, so tons of nice messages from the people I texted. I was, you know, so happy that it all worked out. The summer, you know, ended up being really fun because, you know, I had lots of plans with, you know, some of my, you know, new friends.

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