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Day 321

This is a version of the same previous story in the format of a cross examination...

– What time did you first receive the phone numbers that day?

It was around 1:30 in the afternoon.

– And how did you receive the phone numbers?

My friend from another school sent them to me because she knows a ton of people at my new school. She wanted me to get to know a couple of them over the summer before school started.

– What year in school were you going into?

It was the summer before my junior year of high school.

— Why was it taking you so long to write the texts?

I was really nervous about saying the wrong thing and making the wrong impression on a bunch of people that I didn’t know.

– How long did you end up waiting before sending the messages out?

I waited probably either three or four days.

– How many drafts do you think you wrote?

Too many to count.

– What made you decide to send them out?

I just had a feeling that it was time and I didn’t want to worry about it anymore.

– What did you decide to do after sending the texts out?

First of all, I put my phone under my bed covers as a way of keeping myself from checking it. After that, I wanted to go outside and take a walk with my dog Theo. It was really pretty and warm outside so I thought that it would be enjoyable and take my mind off of my phone.

– Once you got back home, what did you do?

I went upstairs to my room and checked my phone hesitantly. I was super happy to see that a lot of the people I reached out to responded and sent back nice messages.

– What happened because you sent out the texts in the first place?

I got to know a bunch of new people over the summer and it made the transition into the new school a lot easier.

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