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Day 320

A rewrite of an article I wrote earlier this year ( in the style of Joan Didion)...

The lights were blinding and I could hear the soft chattering of fans, going for miles and miles on end. I was at the Allegiant Stadium, a vast colosseum amongst a row of glamorous skyscrapers, in sunny Las Vegas, Nevada. All I could see was tens of thousands of people in glittery costumes and shades of pink and jeweled cowboy boots. I had finally arrived at the event of the century – Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour. Seeing her on stage for the first time caused such a ruckus in the crowd I thought my ears might bleed. She opened with one of her newer albums, “Lover”, a pink, flowery body of work filled with sugary visuals and a simultaneous emotional gut punch. Through her opener, it was as if all 70,000 of us were personally invited into the almost fictional world of Taylor Swift. She was able to blend together hundreds of hits and some hidden gems seamlessly. My favorite sections from the show have to have been “Fearless” and “folklore”, as well as her performance of “the last great american dynasty”, which was showstopping, with amazing dance performances all while telling a fascinating backstory of Swift’s own Rhode Island home. I think that some of the beauty of her concerts is in the fact that everyone has a different association with each song, yet the audience screams at the top of their lungs together in unison.

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