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Day 315

This is an assignment for my class that centered around descriptive imagery...

I could feel my hands tremble as I wrote out draft after draft. My eyes stung from the light shining in my face from my phone. I knew it was time to just commit and send the messages out into the unknown. I sent them quickly and practically ran outside with my dog to keep my mind off of it. The sun shone in my eyes, blinding me momentarily before revealing the green grass trickling my feet as I walked past. My fluffy black dog pulled me down the street as fast as the speed of light, whipping my head back as I tried to pull his leash. My mind was only thinking about the texts I had sent about fifteen minutes prior. All of these texts had been to girls I’d never met before, desperately hoping they’d take me under their wing during the coming school year. I blinked again, this time a fly bouncing off my eyeball in an attempt to escape the deathly summer heat. I turned around and started heading back towards my white house on the left side of the street. I walked through the opaque navy door and headed up toward my room. My Iphone 8 had been left dormant on my bed, exiled behind my covers until I picked it up to check it. There were eight notifications sitting there on my pink home screen. Luckily people had responded. I could imagine their faces staring at their phone, mindlessly sending a text to me, a complete stranger. The texts were all friendly and kind, explicitly sharing their willingness to have a coffee or lunch with me over the summer. My heart was full from their compassion and it started off what would become a magic-filled summer. I smiled big and went down the wooden stairs to tell my mom.

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