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Day 309

This is an assignment from class that I had to do entitled "Word Game". We had to use a couple of words and put them into our writing. See if you can guess what the words are!

On a sunlit afternoon, I had received the phone numbers of a few girls from my new school. A friend of mine had sent them to me in hopes that we’d become friends, not enemies. I decided to wait to send any correspondence until I had drafted out the messages so that they’d be perfect. It felt as if I was selling a dowry for myself, essentially convincing them to take pity on me and be my friend. The atmosphere was hot and murky, leaving me sweating from not only the stress of sending the texts, but also from the debilitating humidity. After writing out the drafts, I knew it was time to conquer my fear and dispatch my carefully crafted message. Like a soldier carrying a bayonet into the Bastille, I entered my phone password with purpose. One by one, the texts were left in the chat, waiting eagerly for a response. To keep myself occupied, I brainstormed places I could go, a park, the pool, the mall, or even a chapel, as I was facing dire worries. I ended up just taking my dog Theo on a walk to clear my head, leaving my phone in my room. I appreciated the fresh air and the companionship of my favorite animal. I could feel myself getting a sunburn as we walked on the asphalt, causing the heat to reflect right up to my face. We promptly returned to the house and about an hour had passed. I was tempted to go to my room and check my phone, so I strolled up the stairs and nervously glanced down at the glowing screen. There were five messages and I opened each one of them up with care. I was delighted to find that all of them were kind and that all of the girls who responded were interested in meeting me. I smiled gleefully, responded back, and went to pet my dog.

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