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Day 307

Sorry I missed yesterday! I've been super busy with class.

This is the same story I wrote for class in an official letter format...

Dear future classmate,

My name is Sophie and I will be a new student in your grade next year as a junior. I know that this message may seem ambiguous, but your phone number arrived in my messages from a mutual friend of ours. I had a curiosity as to if you would be interested in having a meeting at a coffee shop or lunch spot? Let me know if there’s a time that would be plausible for us to have a meeting. I hope that my attempt to have a meeting with you is not futile. I am not a renegade and our mutual friend has a belief that we have a lot in common. I also have a wonder if asking you a few questions would be possible? What is your liking of the school so far? Is it easy to succumb to the stress of classwork and homework? What types of books are needed? Unless the information is shared, naivety will remain in me. Although if I did this in a more languid fashion it would probably fair better, nerves course through my veins as this is being written. There was great difficulty in having written this because I have no knowledge of the people of the phone numbers. My hope is that we may be friends during the school year and hopefully have an agenda for our gathering. It would also be great if you made an introduction between myself and other girls at the school. The appreciation of mine would be tremendous. There are many options for what plans are possible over the break, including alongside other of my future classmates. I hope you find my message condign and send a response promptly. Make a degradation of this note in the case that you no longer have an interest in meeting. Thank you!



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