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Day 305

This is a rewrite of the same story I've been writing for class, but in a jargon of my choice. I decided to theatre jargon...

I wish I could’ve called an all call, I could’ve used some extra hands in writing all of the texts. I repetitively blocked and unblocked all of the messages in the perfect way before I could send them. My call time was by the end of the summer, that way I could meet and get to know some of my classmates by the end of the summer. I was hoping that I’d get a callback from at least a few of the people that I sent messages to, if not I’d go down stage. I did many dress rehearsals for each text. It was finally the dress rehearsal, the last rehearsal, before stepping out onto the virtual stage and finally sending them. I peered out to the house and took a breath, letting my finger press down on my phone and send them. I then went off book and left my phone behind so I could keep my mind off the matter. I peered at various props to keep myself occupied, never being able to be fully distracted. The response directly relied on the audience’s view through the proscenium, with nothing left for me to do. I decided to open my phone for a preview just to see if anyone had responded, there was nothing to see yet. My call time finally arrived and I checked my phone again. I had received many texts back, with glowing reviews, calling for an encore of our conversation. I knew I was going to break a leg. The show finally started to go up, with plans formulating and text threads to keep track of. The rest of the cast of my school friend group started to enter the stage throughout the summer. I could then take my final bow on trying to arrange plans and just look forward to what was ahead.

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