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Day 303

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Here's another version of the story I'm rewriting for my class (this is in a narrative form)...

Starting as a junior at my new school, I was determined to get to know some of my peers over the summer. I had gotten the phone numbers of some of my classmates and sought to reach out to a few of them so we could meet. I didn’t realize how difficult it would be to send a text explaining who I am, how I got their phone number, and that I’d love to meet them. I was desperate to make a connection before the school year started up and everyone got swept up in the craziness of their classes. For each message I sent, I spent a solid twenty minutes writing and rewriting every phrase. Changing as simple of words as “the” to “it”, I was incapable of seeing past a minor imperfection. I was meticulous, determined to say the ideal thing so people would be inclined to meet and eventually be friends. I was somehow convinced that I was always saying the wrong thing, so even with numerous drafts, I bit my tongue as I waited for each response. To my excitement, everybody responded in a friendly tone and were willing to get to know me over the summer. It completely eased my nerves about the year ahead and what my future would be like socially. I made tons of lunch and coffee plans with my future peers, and I realized that I enjoyed the company of tons of the students.

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