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Day 302

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

Here's some more writing I did for my UVA class (this is in passive form)

The afternoon was being left. The sun was beaming down and cars were being driven along. My phone was buzzing, being texted numerous numbers of my new classmates. My friend was sending me these numbers, in hopes that a connection would be made. I was stewing over what had to be done, the choice being made by taking lots of time. Drafts were being formulated and reformulated for days and days on end. The texts were written and the drafts became solidified. Confidence was needed on my part in order to send them and it was finally being gained. Text bubbles were forming as they were sent out meticulously one by one. My breath was being held. My brain was being washed away rapidly. Throwing it across the room, my phone was being left behind promptly. A pair of sunglasses were being worn by me as I was walking outside. Taking walks is what is done as a way of distracting myself and a way to immerse myself in the surrounding area. My house was being returned to by myself and the decision was being made internally to return to my phone. Thoughts were being formed about how negatively my words may be received. I was wondering about what I may do if they were to be read in a way different than I anticipated. My breath was held once again

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