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Day 301

Another version of a piece I wrote for my UVA class...

My way of making friends, entailing receiving some phone numbers from a friend, while stewing over what to do first, desperate to make a connection, once starting writing out drafts, determined about meeting people over the summer, staring at texts starting out the same way, reading “Hi! My name is Sophie Landry…” over and over again, now that more drafts are formulating, self doubt permeating within, grasping for the right words, as fear of rejection creeping in, so deciding that it was time, returning back to my room, I finally reached out to everyone on the list. My teeth chattered as I stood there, terrified to send the texts out, sending message after message, once sending, abandoning my phone, pacing the steps of my home, as hours pass, running back to my room, then checking my phone cautiously, seeing numerous kind texts, happiness creeps in, as relief trickles in simultaneously, envisioning messages turning into friendships, once we meet, we must become friends, right?

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