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Day 300

Happy Day 300!

Here is another thing I wrote for my class...

Reaching out to my new peers and making plans with them was the undertaking that I suspected it would be. I knew how important the summer could be for establishing myself in a new high school social environment. A long list of my classmates’ numbers were found and sent out to me by a friend. Drafts of texts were written out multiple times and revised for me to send. It always started out the same way, “Hi! My name is Sophie Landry…” and was followed by how I had gotten their number in the first place. I then asked if they’d be interested in meeting me and getting coffee or lunch somewhere. After cycling through numerous drafts, I finally found the courage to send them out. Even when I wasn’t sure about my exact word choice, I sent the messages out anyway and refused to spend any more time worrying about the outcome. I waited impatiently for their replies and worried endlessly that they wouldn’t be interested or would outright ignore me. I asked my mom to put my phone in her room to avoid obsessively checking for notifications and watched her leave with it in her hand. After hours passed by, I decided it was time to check if anyone texted me back. Entering the room, anticipating disappointment, I quickly glanced down at my glowing screen. I saw the many notifications, breathing a sigh of relief. I checked my Messages app, overjoyed by the kind responses. Many of the girls luckily wanted to meet with me. I started to set dates in my calendar for meet-ups and looked forward to each and every one of them. Because of my courage to put myself out there, I gained some great friends and tackled my intimidation of taking on a new school.

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