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Day 299

Sorry I missed yesterday!

Here is something that I wrote in my class at UVA today!

Moving schools during my junior year, I was super nervous about making new friends. Being a teenager during this era of technology, texting is a vital way for people my age to make friends with each other. I’ve always had a hard time finding the right thing to say on my phone, but I was presented with a new, unique challenge. I had gotten a few phone numbers of girls at my new school from a friend, and I was determined to meet them over the summer. I always started out the text the same way, “Hi! My name is Sophie Landry…”, but from there I wrote something different every time. I could never find the right words for texting a stranger, but I knew I would be overjoyed if something good came out of my message. After procrastinating for a couple of days, I decided to send out the texts. I put my phone in my room after and decided not to check it. When I came back a few hours later, I had received some friendly texts from my future peers. These messages eventually turned into us making plans, leading to some great friendships that I have today.

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