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Day 286

Prompt: You come into possession of a ring that can change the weather to whatever you decide.

There were fluffy, charcoal clouds reining over us, as if they were somehow taunting everyone there. The party had been in the works for months, a long overdue reunion of friends following our graduation from high school. We had all been assigned different foods and beverages to bring, and had found a beautiful shaded patio where we'd host the festivities. It hadn't even been reported to rain, but Mother Nature had other plans. Except, I had plans too. A ring I had found at the bottom of a box at a thrift store had enticed me ever since I touched it. I immediately knew it had some sort of force, but I wasn't quite sure what kind. Out of curiosity, I purchased it and mostly forgot about it, at least until the day of the party. As a last resort, I tried something I never thought I'd do, I wished on the ring. "I wish this rain would stop," I thought to myself, clutching the tiny object in my hand. I looked up to the sky, and to my shock, the rain had suddenly ceased. Maybe the ring really was magic?

Prompt from Written Word Media

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