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Day 285

Near the end of an otherwise smooth journey from Las Vegas to Nashville, a sudden bright light flashed in the windows. In a craze, a flight attendant accidentally let go of the beverage cart, leaving it to barrel down the aisle like a train off of the tracks. The beeline left a few unlucky passengers in its dust, with Pepsi stains down their shirts. A young man was able to catch the runaway cart, before being knocked down by its sheer force. He swiftly fell back into the lap of a particularly surprised elderly woman. The collision caused the cart to start rolling the opposite way, and people in the aisle screamed in terror, sensing what was coming. I could practically hear the "Jaws" theme as I watched it make its final dash towards the cockpit. Out of pure heroism, a man in a gray suit was able to fight against the force, bringing the cart to a complete stop, but not without making a splash!

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