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Day 268

Prompt: As you’re paying for your groceries, you mention to the clerk, “There’s a mess in aisle 16.” They give you a puzzled look and reply, “There is no aisle 16.”

It had been a long day at work, filled with trivial tasks that seemingly were designed just to bore me. The moon twinkled in the dark sky as I headed into the grocery store. I had walked those same aisles thousands of times before, observing all of the options I had, only to choose the same things every time. By that point, I even knew most of the cashiers and managerial staff. Oddly, when I entered on that specific day, I immediately noticed someone that I had never seen before. Not thinking much of it, I headed towards aisle 16, the last row in the store, to stock up on some canned goods. However, I was greeted with a massive mess, with pumpkin puree and green beans smeared all over the floor and not a single can left on the shelves. I decided to approach the new cashier about the situation, but I didn't expect her response. Her eyes darted towards the back of the store then to me, "We don't have an aisle 16".

Prompt from Reedsy

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