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Day 263

Here's a rewrite of something I wrote awhile ago...

My sixth grade class couldn't contain our excitement when we heard we were being evacuated due to a wildfire. We cheered and clapped, thrilled by the idea of getting a surprise break from school. Without wasting any time, we packed our bags and practically bolted towards the gym. As we entered, we were greeted by the sight of mats laid out sporadically on the floor. They were there to help those who felt dizzy or light-headed from inhaling smoke. The atmosphere inside the gym felt harsh and abrasive, causing my throat to rasp and struggle for a breath amidst the haze. Overwhelmed by the suffocating air, I instinctively approached a window, yearning for a gulp of fresh air. Peering outside, my gaze was met with a sky shrouded in smoky ashes and a faint, orange glow lingering on the distant horizon.

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