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Day 26

I've been spending all day listening to "September" by Earth, Wind, and Fire. It's only the 21st of September once a year!

Anyways, here's another revision of my work from freshman year. The story is entirely something I came up with then, but I just decided to polish it off and expand it a little.

No one noticed the fourth Wells child until halfway through the service. Dante Wells silently wept through the entire service, not daring to utter a word, he was scared he’d disturb the ghosts. He was used to the lack of attention, it ought to happen with seven children, in fact, he actually liked keeping to himself. Dante always felt that he had a cosmic connection with his mother. Maybe she’d be the only one who’d ever understand him, and now that she was gone, no one would truly know him. The thought of his lack of understanding of the world is what made him cry the most.

The next child in the pew was Lennon, who seemed mesmerized by something in the window, not seeming to care much about what was going on inside the chapel. Lennon was often described as a girl with “her head in the clouds”, but if you had to ask me, she was probably the most grounded person in that chapel. She couldn’t look more different than her siblings, with her golden blonde hair tied neatly into a braid that streamed down her back and a pair of almost clear eyes that sparkled in the sun. Unlike her appearance, she had lots in common with her siblings, she was witty, she was brilliant, the basic Wells traits.

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