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Day 25

Here's a continuation of yesterday's prompt...

To the left of Missouri was the second eldest of the bunch, Ingram Wells. Ingram was a respectable young man with good judgment and spectacles. He was known to all of the adults in his life as a model child and a great example for their own children, but ironically their children didn’t seem to like him much. He looked over to the aisle and saw the next eldest child, Peach, running down in a hurry.

Of course, she was late, she always was, anywhere she’d go. Peach adjusted the puffy sleeves of her dress, the only one she owned, and sat down next to Ingram. She knew she would be berated for being late, but it was not her fault that she had to fish this awful dress out of the back of her closet. A few breaths later, she settled into her seat and was given a disappointing look by her two elder siblings. Peach always wished that she was the oldest, maybe she’d have more responsibilities, but at least she wouldn’t be criticized by her older siblings. She had always been different in her temperament from her siblings, never as witty as the others. She was much better known for her free spirit and detested rules, but these traits weren’t seen as valuable by the people around her.

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