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Day 24

Originally wrote this a while ago but I decided today to go back and edit it with the same idea for the story in mind. I like how I was able to take the intention of the storytelling and elaborate a bit more. This is also a fun challenge for me since I feel like I haven't been writing much fiction lately. I'll probably go back and rewrite some more tomorrow, but here it is, for now.

Silence is a gift in a house with seven children. Constant noise is neverending in homes overflowing with adolescence.

The day of the funeral was the only time the Wells children would ever be in complete silence.

Grief overtook each and every one of their small bodies. Their futures were so uncertain that one visible crack in the wall would send them down a deep and dangerous path. So they sat still and silent, the back of their knees sticking to the wooden pews of the chapel their relatives had arranged for their parents' funeral. The place was drab, the children knew this would never have been what their parents had wanted, but they kept their mouths shut. After all, one of those relatives would possibly be their new guardian.

Missouri Wells, the eldest of the bunch, took a black handkerchief out of her dress pocket and strategically dabbed her face to collect her tears. She gently placed her chestnut bangs behind her ears and fiddled with the dangly antique earrings her aunt gave her the day before. The earrings were clearly quite old, blemishes covering the once sparkly emeralds, but she decided it would be a nice gesture to wear them to the funeral. Missouri had never met any of these relatives before, let alone taken any gifts from them. She figured that they had probably not been close to her parents, so she didn’t bother asking any questions.

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