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Day 239

Here's a rewritten part of an English paper I wrote...

Maya Angelou was a creative force that pushed boundaries with her words. She is best known as an American poet and civil rights activist who received several accolades such as a Presidential Medal of Freedom under Obama’s presidency. Born in 1928, Marguerite Johnson, nicknamed Maya, had a tumultuous family life, which eventually resulted in her going to live with her grandmother. Her high school teacher Mrs. Flowers inspired her interest in literature and subsequent success as a writer. Maya had her son Guy at seventeen years old and was forced to look for odd jobs in order to support herself, including a singer at a nightclub and a fry cook. She eventually decided to write her most well known work, “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings”, which detailed her perspective as a child. It garnered international attention and has been translated into hundreds of languages in numerous countries. She went on to write five more autobiographies about her life, showcasing her beautiful word usage and fascinating stories. She was the first African American poet to speak at a presidential inauguration and was the first black woman to be featured on US quarters.

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