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Day 238

Prompt: You find a polaroid camera that seems to predict the future: its pictures show what will happen exactly 5 minutes from the moment you take them.

As I walked along the beach, I stumbled upon an antique polaroid camera under the sand. The camera appeared to be in disarray, but I couldn't resist the urge at least try to take a picture. As I pressed the clicker, the camera made a loud beeping noise. A few moments later, to my shock, a fuzzy image came out of the camera. The picture showed a group of teens playing volleyball on the beach with a crashing wave behind them. However, I noticed that the time on the corner of the picture indicated that it had been taken five minutes in the future. "It has to be a mistake", I thought to myself, but something lingered telling me that it just possibly might not be.

Prompt from Reedsy

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